Actcelerate International Group Limited (NSX: ACT), rang the bell in Sydney on 2 July 2018, in celebration of its listing on the National Stock Exchange of Australia.

Actcelerate International Group Limited invests in small and medium businesses with growth potential and prospect across the Southeast Asia region and Australia. The Company invests in businesses but also focuses on helping businesses to grow strategically such that the shareholders of the company are able to enjoy the value and growth of the business.

Actcelerate International Group Limited adopted the Western business practices to invest in early stage assets, businesses and companies with growth potential. The Company’s four core investment sectors that focus on Southeast Asian markets includes: financial services, information and communications technology, new age retail business, and green technology which leverages on technology advancement and contribute to the development of the creative economy.

AGC Capital Securities and Ingenious Haus Limited is the lead manager and corporate adviser of Actcelerate International Group Limited IPO, respectively.