A JCI Group contract construction project in Dhaka, Bangladesh

43AGC Capital is a global financial services group based in Sydney, specialising in advisory services relating to IPOs, funds management and corporate finance activities. By channelling Chinese companies and investors into Australian capital markets, we provide a unique bridge between Australia and Asia across diverse sectors. Assisting Chinese companies seeking to list in Australia is a core service offered by AGC Capital. Our elite team are highly skilled, internationally minded individuals from Australia, Singapore and the Greater China Area, who are experienced in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, funds management and investment banking.

JC International Group Limited is a construction contractor and client of AGC Capital, with subsidiaries in Hong Kong and mainland China. JCI Group supplies a total workforce solution for domestic and international construction projects, and also offers labour brokerage, construction management and consultation. Partnerships with highly-ranked international contractors as well as state-owned engineering and construction firms make JCI Group the leading outsourcing company for labour within the Chinese construction industry. The market strategy employed by JCI Group includes a focus on partnership with Chinese State-Owned Enterprises, and JCI Group intends to be the first publically listed company from China within this niche market by listing on the Australian Securities Exchange. Chinese State-Owned Enterprises are increasingly employed in overseas projects, and JCI Group has contracted for diverse international construction projects in countries such as Algeria, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Sudan, and Kazakhstan. By listing in the Australian market, JCI Group seeks to promote an international image, and strengthen bilateral relations between Australia and China.


AGC CEO Tina Huang presents at the JCI Group IPO Roadshow

In order to promote the investment opportunity of their IPO, JCI Group gave several presentations in China and Australia. AGC Capital coordinated an IPO Roadshow for JCI Group in October 2015, including presentations in Beijing, Shanghai, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong. The founder and Managing Director of JCI Group, Mr. John Tang, and the Executive Director, Mr. Brian Zhu, presented to a large and attentive audience at each location. These successful presentations gave investors an insight into the growth potential JCI Group, particularly in the context of President Xi Jinping’s policy which encourages use of China’s foreign capital reserves for foreign construction