OpenMarkets CEO Rick Klink presents to investors in Beijing

Markets(OM) is Australia’s largest independent stockbroker, specialising in execution-only brokerage services for trading on Australian markets.  The advanced trading technology designed and operated by OM is open to third party integration, ushering in a new generation of trading which is more connected and flexible than ever before. WebTrader, the simple and customisable OM online trading platform, is connected to the ASX, Chi-X, NSX and SIM VSE, allowing traders to monitor and trade Australian shares. OM works extensively with Chinese clients investing in Australian markets, and offers assistance with IPOs and listings (more below). WebTrader is available in simplified Chinese, and will soon be followed by a simplified Chinese mobile app for trading on the go. In addition, Chinese customers can access telephone support in Mandarin and Cantonese. OM also offers another platform, Pulse, which provides real-time data streaming and powerful market analysis tools in a desktop format.


The AGC Capital Securities CEO Tina Huang

OpenMarkets works with partners in both Australia and China to facilitate Chinese companies listing on the Australian Securities Exchange. AGC Capital Securites, a Sydney-based financial services firm, and Eagle Investments Limited, a Beijing-based investment company, cooperate extensively to help Chinese investors list on Australian markets. Services provided to Chinese companies include support with IPOs, assistance with Australian registry services and account opening for shareholders. This combination of onshore and international support, a far-reaching network of corporate partners and changes to international investment regulation in China support the growth of Chinese investment in Australian markets

Australia and China are key players in the Asia-Pacific financial realm, and have strong economic ties. China is Australia’s largest trading partner, with total two-way trade worth $159.6 billion annually. Australia’s top exports to China largely consist of mineral resources, including iron ore, coal and gold, while top imports are manufactured goods including clothing, telecommunications equipment and computers. Australia is the second most popular destination for outbound investment from China, after the United States. The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) was signed on June 17th 2015, and represents a new milestone in the China-Australia bilateral relationship. Among the benefits of this agreement is the authorisation of Australian securities brokerage and advisory firms to provide cross-border securities trading accounts, as well as advice and portfolio management services. Foreign investment from China is no longer capped at US$50,000 annually, which will unleash billions of dollars of Chinese savings on global stock and bond markets. Australian markets are an attractive location to invest, due to consistent economic growth, a highly skilled workforce and business-friendly national policies. The growing trend of Chinese companies listing on Australian markets is supported by the cooperation of Openmarkets, AGC Capital Securites and Eagle Investments, and will no doubt strengthen in coming years.