IQ3 CEO Dr. George Syrmalis at the company headquarters

The iQ Group Global encompasses diverse subsidiaries in the biotechnology industry along two main streams: biotech and investment banking. The life science and pharmaceutical business collaborates with scientists internationally to create new intellectual property, execute drug development and follow products from conception through to marketing. This business offers expertise in areas such as biotech IP asset management, clinical research, medical affairs and pharmaceutical sales. The second stream of the iQ group is a dedicated investment banking business, establishing biotech as a mainstream capital market asset and specialing in venture capital, structured financial products and funds management. By hybridising science and investment banking, the iQ Group is at the forefront of the evolving biotech sector, and represents an ideal strategic partner for investors, governments, research institutes and the broader biopharma community.


AGC Capital CEO Tina Huang and associates with Dr. Syrmalis at the summit

iQ3Corp, the corporate finance and advisory arm of the iQ Group, is the world’s first company providing financial and consulting services to the life science and technology industry. It focuses on identifying, investing in and developing promising biotech projects. iQ3 has vast professional resources and a unique business model which have recently attracted a deal of attention in the global capital market. In June 2015, iQ3 announced its intention to raise A$100 million as part of the iQ Series 8 Life Science Fund. This wholesale managed fund focuses on life science companies involved in the late discovery or preclinical development stages of research and drug development. This fund represents one of the most innovative in Australia due to its focus on early stage biotech and a preference towards privately held companies.


AGC Capital CEO Tina Huang and associates with Dr. Syrmalis at the summit

Dr. Syrmalis presents to Chinese investors at the Australian Biotech summit in BeijingTo further iQ3’s capital raising effort, An Australian biotechnology industry summit, coordinated by AGC Capital Securities, was held in Beijing and Shanghai in November 2015. Despite the continuing success of the biotech industry in recent years, Chinese investors remain relatively unfamiliar with this sector and its international success. iQ group CEO George Syrmalis and Investment Strategy Director Jacqueline Yee presented the investment potential of the Australian biotech industry to Chinese investors. Australian biotech innovation ranks fourth in the world, and the ASX is the world’s second largest market for biotech according to the number of listed companies. This enticing investment opportunity was of strong interest to Chinese investors and to the biomedical community, and the summit was warmly received by participants, paving the way for Chinese investors to enter this promising market.