Financing Guarantee Company Ding Sheng Xin Got Listed on ASX


On Mar 03, 2016, AGC Capital’s client Ding Sheng Xin Finance Co. Limited, ASX: DXF was listed on the ASX, and became the first Chinese financing guarantee company listed overseas. AGC Capital successfully assisted this achievement. AGC capital is a global financial services group based in Sydney, specializing in advisory services relating to IPOs, funds management and corporate finance activities. By channeling Chinese companies and investors into Australian capital markets, we provide a unique bridge between Australia and Asia across diverse sectors. Assisting Chinese companies seeking to list in Australia is a core service offered by AGC Capital.


Ding Sheng Xin Finance Co., Limited was founded in Guizhou Provi333nce in 2005, with eight branches locally. Currently, 12 operating branches are scattered in four provinces with 300 employees in total. The company primarily provides financing guarantee services to small and medium size enterprises, and individuals seeking bank loan guarantees; as well as some non-financial guarantee services, like contract guarantee, lawsuit guarantee, etc. According to the prospectus, in the past few years, Ding Sheng Xin has up to 6500 clients with a total guarantee amount exceeding eight billion RMB (around 1.7 billion AUD).


According to the prospectus, Ding Sheng Xin issued 500 million initial shares with 0.60 AUD per share, with the cap of fundraising of 30 million AUD. The initial raised funds will primarily be used in China for a new branch opening, operational costs and marketing plans and for providing a better financing guarantee service.