On September 8, 2015, Traditional Therapy Clinics Limited (ASX code: TTC) was listed on the ASX at a price of 0.5 AUD per share. Subsequently, the share price soared to 0.71 AUD rising by 40%. Following the listing, TTC has already delivered a half-year dividend of 4% to investors. Since AGC Capital Securities (a subsidiary of Eagle Investment Group Limited) took over the responsibilities of assisting with the company’s IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), TTC’s shares have been oversubscribed and excellent results have been achieved.

Currently, TTC plans to issue additional stocks so as to purchase more chain stores, to increase the income of the company and to start running its clinics and franchises in Australia. Cooperating with AGC Capital Securities (a subsidiary of Eagle Investment Group Limited) again, TTC plans to issue additional shares so as to acquire a total of 5 million AUD.

Investment highlight:

  1. A stable and ever-growing industry
  2. A leading ASX listed company with good incomes
  3. Annual dividend more than 8%
  4. Concessionary subscription price of 5% (average trade price of five consecutive days after March 31)


As a leader in the Chinese traditional physical therapy and health care market, Fuqiao (owned by TTC) is the largest franchised company in China. The company has business operations in 27 of 34 Chinese provinces/ regions/ municipalities. The company focuses on a prosperous service industry, to serve the rapid growing middle class their consumptions. A Chinese Famous Brand title has been awarded by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce of China to Fuqiao, which has long been a venerable brand in China. After TTC was listed in ASX and by Dec. 31, 2015, the number of its self-run shops reached 19, and there were already 314 franchised shops, both of which have exceeded expectations in the prospectus. Because self-run shops have increased, Fuqiao’s profit has increased significantly. The company has proactively implemented established strategies, and provided shareholders with sound returns.

It is expected that, by 2017, the Chinese physical therapy and massage industrywill reach 60.69 billion AUD (287 billion RMB). Demands for services in Chinese industries are increasing and regulation standards are becoming stricter. It is estimated that potential Chinese market demand of shops like Fuqiao’s is 4500 shops.222

AGC Capital Securities Pty Ltd. is a security company which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The company is mainly engaged in advising businesses on IPOs, fund management and corporate finance activities. Through the mutually beneficial cooperation with TTC, AGC Capital Securities aims to assist investors in finding profitable investments.

As the shareholder of AGC Capital Securities, Eagle Investment Group Limited is a transnational finance service group which provides services such as financial investment, overseas listing, fund management and asset operation. The group has provided many medium and small-sized Chinese companies with comprehensive pre-listing and post-listing plans and preparatory services, as well as specific implementation, promotion and underwriting services.

In 2016, Chinese concept stocks will tested in the capital through time. Eagle Investment Group Limited and AGC Capital Securities will endeavor to provide investors with opportunities for greater investment returns in capital markets.